Annie Oakley is currently booking for late 2019 through the end of 2020. Email Sophia at with your desired date and contact information. You can read through our tech specifications and information below.


Email Sophia at hello@theannieoakley or call at 405-708-0036 to set up an interview time with the band or to get a quote.


"The trio and their harmony-based Americana indie stylings have been steadily and surely gaining a fanbase since they first debuted at sixteen years old. [...] Their unique sound and take on typically traditional tropes have set them apart from their contemporaries, continuing to grow with every subsequent show."

-- Louis Fowler, Red Dirt Report

Among the 2016 "Dirty Dozen of acts that stayed with us and deserve special mention, [...] this Oklahoma trio features [...] silky sweet harmonies wrapped around fiddle and guitar backing, a pleasant sound indeed [...] Tender Americana that makes you smile."

— Houston Music Review, Eddie Ferranti

"Annie Oakley’s growth exists most obviously on their new album. It’s moodier, meatier and a fitting re-introduction to the band. That's because Annie Oakley isn't the same group it was two years ago when the first EP hit. [. . .] Thought of You a God is the sort of work that stems from hitting venues and festivals every weekend for a year. It is [ . . .] a step forward sonically, and fans of First Aid Kit and Fleet Foxes will find a familiar warmth in the project."

— The Oklahoman, Nathan Poppe

"At WoodyFest, people will wake up well before noon to catch a band. On Saturday, roughly 75 patrons filled the Brick Street Cafe basement to see Annie Oakley. Twin sisters Grace and Sophia Babb front the folksy project, and I couldn’t help but try to guess how many years it would be before they would be headlining the festival. I’d say one."

— The Oklahoman, Nathan Poppe

"These sisters harmonize like fresh made bread and home churned butter, sweetened with just a touch of molasses. I hear strains of Mindy Smith here, and the comparisons could go on. But why make comparisons when you can just listen to them? To see and hear such magic when it first comes to bloom, to watch it grow and spread smiles and wonder across a wider world is indeed a privilege and pleasure. Don't miss them when they come to your area!"

— The Corridor Magazine, Rick Reiley

"They are both whip-smart, wise-beyond-their-years songwriters speaking the same throwback folk-Americana language that eludes most others at their tender age of 17, their pristine but pillow-soft voices folding into immaculate harmonies to the envy of even the most vetted musical collaborators out there. And as identical twins, that just so happens to manifest itself physically, too."

— Oklahoma Gazette, Joshua Boydston

 ". . . the sisters are everywhere recently — and showing no signs of slowing as they carve out their own path in Oklahoma’s thriving Americana music scene."

— The Oklahoman, Becky Carman

" . . . a pair of intertwining crystalline pure voices. It would be natural to speculate that the sibling connection contributes to the preternaturally attractive vocal harmonizing. Whatever the wellspring of this talent, it’s a beautiful thing to hear."

— The Norman Transcript, Doug Hill

"I have had some truly talented performers on my stages over the years, but I have to say that Sophia and Grace are exceptional.  Their voices are perfectly matched for harmonies. The original music was top notch. Their stage presence and their ability to connect with the audience was beyond what would be expected from anyone their age." 

— Simply Sensational, Bob Warterfield



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Annie Oakley is an indie-folk band fronted by twin sisters Jo & Sophia Babb, with Nia Personette on the violin.


Technical rider can be found here.

Annie Oakley writes and plays indie folk, harmony-based music. We write and play our own songs. Our band consists of Sophia (rhythm guitar), Joanna Grace (lead guitar), and Nia (violin). We play 30-, 45- and 75-minute sets.


We play a variety of venues, including festivals, house shows, listening rooms, pubs and bars, art walks, community events, coffee shops, and benefits. We're a great main act, but also good openers and closers, easy to get along with, and straight shooters. 


We play as a trio, and on some occasions, as a duo. We sometimes expand to a full band. For our usual setup for three, we need a minimum of six channels, which includes three DIs and three vocal mics. Let us know what you need and will provide, and we'll do the same.


You can listen to Annie Oakley on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, Google Play, and Amazon.


You can download all of this information as a .PDF here.